About Us

TAMRON AKUATIK PRODUK INDUSTRI Ltd is an integrated company engaged in aquatic product processing, storaging and distribution as well as export, and has the authority to export by cooperation between Indonesian companies and overseas.

It is established on 23 November 2015 in the beautiful Java Island, western from Indonesian Capital Jakarta with capital value of 600 million USD. It is located at CBA INDUSTRY ZONE, Cikande, SERANG, with tropical rain climate with average annual temperature of 28-32 degrees and has rich resources for aquatic farms.

Its area occupies 20,000 square meters, with 15,000 square meters building area, including 6,000 square meters grass field, 3,000 square meters cold storage capacity (4000 tons storage capacity) and has 2,000 employees capability and daily production capacity of 100 tons end products.

A management team with more than 20 years experience in aquatic field, advanced production line engineering, accurate testing and laboratory equipments are surely also a valuable assets of Tamron Akuatik Ltd.

Established based on a high international standard development, and internationally integrated and introducing frozen aquatic products with advanced processing and production management, which is all done strictly in accordance to diverse standard like "Export Hygiene Terms of Production" from local marine and fishery department and HASSP rules from ministry of marine affairs and fisheries of Republik Indonesia and FDA for American Seafood products supervision. Product Management always passes strict checks and builds a quality management system that is easy on the monitor.

The Companies follow afforestation, environmental protection, health as the primary goal, frozen primary products, processing, marketing, refrigeration, cooking, bleaching and other advanced technology production and processing of aquatic products over 40 species, main products from South America for fish processing products and shrimp in product processing.

The company's operations are adjusted into product structure adjustments, increasing precision in the production process and adding higher-end product finishing, increasing the volume of production from 2000 tons to 4000 tons for achieving the company's industrilization with a diversified operation strategy.

Products are exported to the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and other countries, we adhere to the business strategy "quality as life, trust as the credibility of development, management as increasing effectiveness", also we appreciate well "customer as king, credibility of development as sustainable business innovation goal".

During the company operation and production, all employees of TAMRON AKUATIK PRODUK INDUSTRI Ltd have the same goal: to be domestic and international trader friend who provides security. Good product quality and service is our responsibility; We look forward to working with domestic-international friends and merchants to create mutually beneficial situations.